In the press

  • "I was quite surprised with the overall quality of the app and although I had high expectations within mere seconds of being on the front page of the app, it really lived up to what I had expected and more."
    Web.AppStorm.Net Ryan Stubbs Web.AppStorm.Net
  • "Quote Roller is a gorgeous web app for creating and sending professional proposals."
    Design Shack Joshua Johnson Design Shack
  • "Quote Roller can give you an edge in the sales process. With it, businesses can present a professional front to prospective clients and close more sales."
    SlapStart Steve Gibson SlapStart
  • "Quote Roller is also an excellent tool for companies with multiple employees, since it offers collaboration tools that help teams work together and ensures people never step on each other's toes or duplicate work."
    Appvita Stephanie Miles Appvita
  • "Quote Roller helps freelancers or sales staff of certain organization to save a bunch of time by improving bidding routine with paperless interactive proposals, easy-to-sign-online agreements and contracts."
    DesignModo Adrian DesignModo
  • "Quote Roller is ideal for any professional or company that needs to submit quotes to clients. The plans offer various membership levels that would work well for an individual or a small to medium size business."
    AppAppeal AppAppeal Editor AppAppeal
  • "The whole process starting from signing up to sending out takes approximately 15 minutes. The system itself is extremely promising."
    Sociable Blog Social Guy Sociable Blog