• Adam Green

    Quote Roller is simply AWESOME. Our team works remotely and Quote Roller allows us all to modify proposals without the hassle of sending files back and forth. Having the ability to add videos helps explain our services and the templates make it easy to add or remove proposal elements. The ability to see proposal analytics and accept digital signatures is also very useful. Quote Roller integration into our project management and invoicing system is easily the icing on the cake!

    Adam Green, Maple North Internet Marketing
  • Aparecido Rodrigues

    I'm located in Brazil, and before finding Quote Roller it typically took approximately 48 hours to prepare and send a commercial proposal. Our process was cumbersome and occasionally we didn't prepare the proposal in time and lost many opportunities. Today our proposals are sent within hours and allow us to close more deals with the proposals sent. We are very satisfied with Quote Roller.

    Aparecido Rodrigues,
    CEO at Spar Comunicação e Marketing - Ltda
  • Scott Offord

    We are a small web design company near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There are three of us here at Orion Group who are responsible for getting proposals out to new prospect we meet with. Making the transition from manually writing up proposals in Microsoft Word to having fully reusable templates in Quote Roller has completely changed our sales process in a great way. One of the deciding factors for us was that it integrates so nicely into the 37 Signals software, Highrise and Basecamp. We now no longer dread the process of sending out quotes. Instead of 2 hours, it takes us less than 20 minutes. And now everyone, including the client, is kept in the loop and knows exactly what the deliverables.

    Scott Offord,
    Director of Internet Marketing at Orion Group, LLC
  • Chris Clarke

    As a busy IT services organisation, Create IT relies on its systems to be fast, available and provide our customers with the best experience. Quote Roller helps to set Create IT apart from the competition, producing not only our Managed Services proposals, but also our day-to-day quotations for hardware, software and a range of hosted cloud services.

    The ability for our customers to simply click a link, view a proposal online or as a PDF, and then accept it all in one sitting makes the entire process effortless for all parties.

    Chris Clarke,
    Managing Director at Create IT Group
  • Martin Coates

    We had previously been looking for a system which would handle our proposals, but most importantly acceptance with electronic signature. When we came across Quote Roller we knew this would be the key in speeding up the acceptance process. One of the other great features we love is the analytic tracking of the proposals to see how long it takes the client / prospect to make their decision.

    Keep up the great work!

    Martin Coates,
    Design Consultant at Impact Media Design
  • Billie Gaura

    Quote Roller is one of the best tools we have at Rainmaker Creative! Not having to reinvent the wheel makes our lives so much easier than it used to be. QR, where have you been all my life?

    Billie Gaura,
    Creative Director at Rainmaker