Quote Roller was created in 2011 to solve a critical business issue - delivering beautiful purpose driven sales quotes to potential clients. It is no longer 1995 where quotes are text documents faxed to a potential client. The world has evolved, and it is time that proposals were elegant, dynamically driven, and efficiently produced.

Today, Quote Roller is winning awards left and right for doing just that.


David Currie


17 year serial entrepreneur with multiple ASP and SaaS startups including Etera Systems which was acquired for stock by Corio ('00 IPO followed) and Scan Alert, acquired by McAfee in '08. David is a risk taker, climber, diver, skier and dog lover.

Mikita Mikado

Co-Founder, COO

When he isn't travelling or surfing, Mikita is building successful technology companies. Most recently, he co-founded Coding Staff, Inc. a boutique web/mobile development company, building it to 40 employees. Now, he has set his sights on disrupting the proposal industry.

Serge Barysiuk

Co-Founder, CTO

10 years development, UX, and team leadership using Python, JavaScript, iOS, Java etc. Co-founded Coding Staff Inc. with Mikita. MS degrees in Computer Since and Business Administration. Serge is an avid angler who loves design.

Sasha Kovaliov

Marketing Director

6 years in sales and marketing. Heading digital marketing in startups and boutique development companies. His first startup experience was Team.fm, he then helped built a game development workshop, Heyworks.com, from scratch. Sasha loves to pick people's brain, and gets most of his ideas from sci-fi movies.


Eric Dunn

Senior Vice President, Intuit

One of Intuit's Earliest Employees, Eric Dunn is a recognized leader in the SMB apps space and has served in many executive roles since first joining in 1986. He spent 10 years investing in early stage companies as a general partner at Cardinal Venture Capital before recently returning to Intuit. Eric has served on the boards of numerous private and public companies and is currently on the board of Tibco Software.

Ragnar Saas

Co-Founder, PipeDrive

A serial startup entrepreneur, dog lover and AngelPad alumnus, Ragnar Co-founded Pipedrive.com, a great new CRM tool for SMBs. He also co-founded Garage48.org, an award winning non-profit that promotes the hacker culture in Europe. Ragnar is a startup rockstar and a proud Estonian.